Simon Edwards


Simon Edwards (U.K.) has worked internationally in theatre and film for over thirty years, as an actor, clown, director and teacher. He trained at the Jacques Lecoq theatre school in Paris and has been a core member of Kneehigh Theatre, for whom he directed Skulduggery, Arabian Nights and Telling Tales. He has taught at many festivals and congresses around the world including the UK, Spain, USA, South Africa, Iran, Germany, Ireland, Holland, France etc…Simon is a founder member of the Actors Space where he teaches acting for stage and screen.

Simon has also worked with top Hollywood Directors, Producers and Script writers such as Robert McKee, David Yates, Blake Snyder, Mark Travis, Michael Wiese, Collin Rogers (Ex BBC Deputy Head of Drama.) Some of his students and work colleagues include: Sergi Lopez; top comedy spanish TV actors Toni Albá, Jordi Rios and Edu Soto; BBC Fame Academy winner Alex Parks and the 2013 Funny Women Award winner Nina Smith etc…

Simon has a natural talent for comedy (he started working as a street Clown at 14 years old) and over the years has developed his particular approach to universal clowning. He is teacher to some of today’s leading international comic actors.

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