Workshop de Iniciação ao Teatro – Julho60€ – 50€22, 23 e 24 de Julho, das 19h30 às 21h30+ info – clique aqui
26 Maio, 2019
Workshop de Teatro do Gesto: Banda Desenhada85€ – 35€06 a 10 de Janeiro, das 14h30 às 18h45 + info – clique aqui
8 Janeiro, 2018

Workshop de Teatro do Gesto: Melo-mimo135€ – 100€ – 75€
7, 9, 14, 16, 21 e 23 de Janeiro das 19h30 às 22h30
+ info – clique aqui

MELOMIME (Mimo Melodramático) Fevereiro

7, 9, 14, 16, 21 e 23 de Janeiro das 19h30 às 22h30
90€ Alunos Evoé
75€ Alunos Teatro Físico
The melomime has been developed by Lassâad Saïdi. This style reinstated the melodrama which is often considered like a theatrical sub-style due to its grandiloquence and exaggeration. This style becomes a high-level exercise for the actor, who is invited to go through anti-psychological acting where everything becomes visible and palpable. We think of Antonin Artaud who considered an actor as “an athlete of emotions”.

Movement and gesture serve emotion, the body is all involved into the acting : we are looking for organic ways of passion.

It will be an individual search for actors within a collective exploration, with a strong work on chorus and images.

“It's a necessity for this style to be considerably convinced and at the same time amazingly technical” Louis Jouvet.

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