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Workshop de Teatro do Gesto: Cinema Mudo 145€ – 110€ – 50€
de 13 a 24 de Janeiro, das 14h30 às 18h45
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Teatro do Gesto: Cinema Mudo_Charly Magonza


de 13 a 24 de Fevereiro (de segunda a quinta) das 15h00 às 18h45
Sextas das 14h30 até ás 20h00
110€ para alunos Evoé e para 2º Workshop - 50€ Alunos - Formação de Atores
The silent-film style

The students are ready to get into the language gesture. To search the most true and most universal expressivity through the body to tell stories and create situations of acting.

We will work on the « attitudes » (the climax of a movement) to find images and immediate expressivity, then we will touch on the larges human emotions and we will see how could we express them in the organic way.

The silent-film style on stage push us to find the right tools and thanks to his constraints we have the great opportunity to be creative. So the students have to be clear on their creations on stage and they work on the gesture dramaturgy.

Technical exercises, improvisations and creation at the end of the workshop are on the program.

(Not mandatory but we recommend to follow the previous workshop about the Comic style)

Este workshop dedicado a estudantes de teatro e atores profissionais é um módulo do Curso de Teatro Físico e conta com um espaço de criação/auto-curso das 17h15 às 18h45 no qual os alunos trabalham na criação de duas apresentações públicas que serão realizadas nos dias 17 e 24 às 19h00.

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Teatro do Gesto Cinema-mudo The silent-film style



Actor trained at the École Internationale de Théâtre Lassâad, he has also studied at the Conservatoire National Région de Reims, Cours and obtained a Masters Degree in Theatrical Studies. Acting with Les sales mômes compagny (Reims) from 1999 to 2005, he founded Mond´en scène in 2006 in Lille, France. 

With this company he has staged ‘A Respectable Wedding’ by Bertolt Brecht (2007) and the performance ‘Unis vers’ which was invited by the Palais des Beaux Arts of Lille. From 2009 until 2013 he has performed ‘Première’, his first prize winning solo show which received the best humor/Solo award from the SACD (Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs d´Arts Dramatiques-Jury 2012). In 2013 he plays “Que diras-tu ce soir?”, another solo. In parallel he creates the collective called S.P.A.(S).M with whom he plays ‘Grit in Have I None’ by Edward Bond, Michel in ‘Spasme #1(2013)’ and Cassio in ‘Othello’ by Carmelo Béné at the Festival des Eurotopiques (Tourcoing).

He became artistic director of Variété Hablingbo, international theater in Sweden where he played a physical comedy entitled Monsieur Charlo. 

He has also regularly intervened with specific pedagogical interventions within different workshopsand training courses.